Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Italian lighting London- two stylish and unique Italian lights for you home

It is essential for us to brighten up our living space. From candles to luxury illuminates everything plays the very important role to decorate illuminate our space. However, in the modern lifestyle, lights are available in different design, size, and unique style. There are many brands in the world who are providing different type lights, well I prefer Italian lights because this Italian lighting London is available in unique and creative design. So, friends, I would like to share some branded and top quality lights for new home. I am sure, these lights will add the extra touch and illuminate your home.
1.        White Suspension Pendant- FLOS Nebula
2.        Foscarini Allegro Assai Suspension Pendant

FLOS Nebula White Suspension Pendant

This is a unique suspension luminaire style. The white Suspension Pendant will provide soft lighting touch in your home. Die-cast aluminum is used in the central part of this light and the different sizes ten blown glass fixed around it. Cones exist in bayonet-type coupling system so it is easy for cleaning.

Assai Suspension Pendant- Foscarini Allegro

Suspension Pendant lamp featured with direct and indirect light system. The unique style lamp create with high-quality epoxy powder covered full aluminum rebar rods and unique chromed metal frame and these rods are attached to mount spending small metal rings. The Suspension Pendant fixed 3 stainless steel cables and electrical cable. And these cables have transparent features.  This will be the very beautiful and unique light touch in your room.

At last, if you are looking stylish and high-quality Italian lighting London shop, I will recommend you visit lighting and furniture website. They provide top quality Italian lights in London at reasonable prices.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Choose the Best Bathroom Lights for Your new home

Bathroom Lights

For most of the women, makeup is the extremely important task and they enjoy it.  For this purpose, women are very conscious about their bathroom lighting system and they always try to illuminate their bathroom. So, my dear ladies, I am sharing the best bathrooms lighting ideas that will definitely illuminate your bathroom. It’s the right time to illuminate your bathroom with my attractive and unique bathroom lights options. Please keep scrolling!

Savoy 9-light Bathroom Chandelier

Well, ladies, Savoy 9-light Bathroom Chandelier is one of the best ideas to illuminate your bathroom. It is specially designed for those ladies bathrooms who want to add unique and stylish touch in their bathroom. This 9 light chandelier look very decent. I am sure it will add the glamorous touch in ladies bathroom and as well increase the value of your bathroom. This is my favorite lighting piece.

Franklite 1-Light Bathroom Bar Light

If you want to create the traditional-style bathroom, then Franklite 1-light Bathroom Bar Light is best for you. This type light is very suitable for daily used bathrooms. You can fit it vertically or horizontally. Franklite 1-light bathroom bar light finished from opal glass and cylindrical mirror light. This is one of another best lighting piece for ladies bathroom.

Bathroom Ceiling Light - Elstead Lighting Binstead

If you are planning to create contemporary bathroom then Elstead Lighting Binstead Bathroom Ceiling Light is one another best light for ladies bathroom. Elstead Lighting Binstead made from white glass lampshades with an elegant crinkle design and the design complete with three halogen lamps.

Horatio Cut Crystal Bathroom Flush Light

If you want to add brighten touch and the little sparkle in your bathroom, Horatio Cut Crystal Bathroom Flush Light is one of the best choices for you. Horatio Cut Crystal completed with three capsule bulbs with the luxurious finish.

As a result,

So ladies, if you want to buy stylish, durable, unique and attractive bathroom lights, you can visit lighting and furniture website. They offer latest Bathroom lights at reasonable prices.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Italian lighting London- 5 Italian lighting brands that will definitely inspire you

Italian lighting London

Everyone knows that Italian lighting companies have made a standard all over the world. They are well known for the production of unique and stylish lighting systems worldwide. While, if you are based in London and want to buy Italian lights then you need not worry because there are a lot of online shops who are providing unique and stylish Italian lighting London. So, today I am sharing 5 Italian lighting brands that will definitely inspire you buying lights for your home decoration:

1-    Artemide

Artemide is very famous and best Italian lighting brand. The brand was established in 1960. This is one of the most popular worldwide lighting provider brand with the remarkable variety of illumination fixtures –interior and design for indoor and outdoor.

2-    Fabbian

Fabbina is also the famous brand. They have made a good standard all over the world with a glamorous and stylish collection of reliable lighting designs. They have also produced a vast collection of extraordinary design for celebrities.

3-    Flos

Flos is another experienced group of creators committed to producing modern lighting with unique and innovative design and extraordinary style. Flos is a center of innovation and stylish lighting.

4-    Iguzzini

Iguzzini is the well-known company who are committed to manufacturer unique office lighting design and style as well as they also produce outdoor lights.

5-    Italamp

If you want to buy a stylish, luxury and traditional lights for your home then you should not skip Italamp brand. Italamp is another very famous brand with the sense of luxury style.

6-    Leucos

Leucos is very popular with its outstanding glass design and unique style. They are using the famous Murano glass in lighting schemes.

As a result, if you are looking online Italian lighting shop then you can visit Lighting and furniture website. They provide unique and reliable Italian lighting London at the low price.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Top Tips for Buying Sofas from online Sofa and chair shop

Sofa and chair shop

I think we all have a lot of memories in our living. Because it is a place in our homes where it is a place where our family enjoys all the fun and entertainment and our innocent kids watch their favorite kids shows and cartoons.  However, it is a place where we find comfort after completed our daily tasks. So, we cannot create these great memories without luxury and comfort sofa. So, for creating these memories you must choose a reliable and comfortable sofa set. Hence, I would like to share with you top tips for buying sofas set from reputable online sofa and chair shop.

Customers Review:

When you are buying a sofa from the online shop, you must read their past customers experience carefully. This method will help you whether the amount is going in safe hand or not. However, you can get help from the previous customer comments and reviews on their site. It is very effective and direct source of getting the info about their service and furniture. While there are a lot of online furniture shops who have their social media accounts but before shopping from here you must get necessary info about them such as where is their office, what are the brands they are offing and they have their own website. If they provide you all information then they are running reputable business otherwise they are fake and surely you will lose your money.

What type material they are using for manufacturing the furniture:

The second and most important step is that you should briefly study the quality of material they are using to manufacture the furniture. So, these are the few important tips you need to consider when you are buying a sofa. If you want to buy a luxury sofa set from the reputable online shop then you must contact the lighting and furniture online shop. This is one of the best Sofa and chair shop in London.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Create a magic by installing Italian lighting in London

Italian lighting in London

The word Italian only leads us to the thinking of something stylish and elegant. Any product that is made in Italy can increase the cost of the product as compared to other products. The same is the case with the Italian Lightning in London as once installed inside the house it can create a magic of its own. Its unique curves and designs can outcast other lighting products.
The ItalianLightning in London has changed the concept of lights from a simple object that gives light to an art form. This type of lightning is considered as a total masterpiece in the field of light and design. Italy has played an important role in introducing the concept of modern lighting.
This Italian lightning, when installed, can totally change the outlook of your room theme. They have the ability to add warm and cozy feelings to your home. Among the Italian Lightning, Italian chandeliers are the most popular. They are available in different colors, designs, styles and their durability has influenced thousands of buyers to buy it. The way they are cut and shaped has become one of the prized possessions a person can have.
Another advantage of these lightning’s are that they can be custom made. They are crafted by one of the most experienced and skilled manufacturers. It also guarantees durability. But be careful when buying this type of lightning. They are many companies out there who will sell you fake products.

Lightning and Furniture

To save yourself from buying fake products that many companies who sell it to you Lightning and Furniture is the most reliable company in only selling original products. They are the best in town and are durable to last you long. They are made by skilled manufacturers who give keen importance to the tiniest of the details while manufacturing these products.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Coffee Tables - How to Choose the right Coffee Table

coffee tables

Is your house decor unique and exclusive? Therefore you need unique and stylish coffee table to match that style.  However, these beautiful and incredible style coffee tables have been finding their way into unique American house for a very long time. So, if you are looking for unique and different tables you have very many different types to choose from. Nowadays they come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. No matter how different your house decor, there is every type of coffee table that will match perfectly.

Unique Coffee Tables included

There are numerous styles of unique coffee table: Aquarium coffee table, mosaic coffee table, black leather coffee table, oversized ottoman coffee table, bamboo coffee table, L shaped coffee table, clock coffee table, fire pit coffee table, waterfall coffee table, and much more.

Choosing the Perfect Unique Coffee Table

·         You can find different coffee table in as individual pieces or sets. Keep in mind, they must always match and compliment your living home furnishings. All the decor in your room should follow a single style. This keeps a decent flow throughout your room.
·         If you are going for a more old-style in your home d├ęcor, unique coffee table made of rich, dark wood are what you want to consider. If you want a trendy look, contemporary style for your home then you can choose metals or glass style coffee table.
·         The size of your coffee table is also a very important consideration. If you have larger scale furniture then you want your coffee table to be larger in scale also. While a room can look unbalanced and odd if the coffee table is extremely larger or smaller than your other furniture. Always keeping in mind you should determine what size coffee tables will best fit your space.

If you want to buy the unique coffee table, lighting and furniture is the number one place to find the perfect unique coffee tables to fit your personal style. 

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Dining tables-points to keep in mind before buying a dinning table

The dining table is the heart of the dining area in every house. Previously, these tables were made of wood but now they are available in a variety of styles and designs. They are durable and sturdy enough to last you for years without causing any issue. Now you can easily find the table of your preference because there are many online stores who offer dining tables at affordable prices. But there are few points you need to keep in mind before buying these dining tables.
Firstly, make sure you buy the right size of the dining tables. For this, you need to measure the area of your room so that you buy the right size table that fits perfectly. Also, you need to consider that there is enough space left to move around freely.

Secondly, these tables are available in a wide range of shapes like rectangular, square, oval and round. Oval and rectangular tables are perfect to accommodate a large number of people and round and square tables accommodate a small number of people and are perfect for small families.
Thirdly, the tables are available in a variety of colors as well so you should choose the color that will blend in with your dining area theme.
Fourthly, before buying make sure that it is made of high quality durable material. A good quality table will last you longer.
Fifthly, the table should complement the other furniture in the dining room as well. The design of the table should enhance the curb appeal of your room and not degrade it.
Lastly, apart from dining tables, you should also focus on buying the right type of chairs. If the chairs do not compliment the table it will decrease instead of increasing the curb appeal. So make sure that you buy the perfect comfortable chairs for your table. Preferably, buy the chairs from the same shop from where you bought your table.
Lighting and Furniture

Lighting and Furniture offer high quality durable dining table. They are impeccable, sturdy and will last you longer. Our craftsmen give keen importance to the tiniest of the details while designing the tables so that our customers get the best table. The prices that we offer on our products are reasonable and competitive.
Buying any type of furniture is a onetime investment so make sure you buy it from our company. We guarantee to give you value for your investment. So do not waste your money in buying your furniture from somewhere else.
For further information, we are here to help you so contact us instantly. Buy your furniture from our shop and increase the appeal of your room.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Modern Lighting - Perfect and Stylish for Your House

Lights have become the part and parcel of our lives. Without them, our lives will become dark and we will live our lives like cavemen do. Thought of this give us creeps because we cannot imagine our lives without them these days.  Furthermore, selection for the perfect modern lighting is not a simple task. Many factors are included like what size and type of lights you need, how many of them and where you are going to install them. Most of the times we get confused and made mistakes while choosing the lights.
Select the Wrong Size

Modern lighting is supposed to enhance the curb appeal of your room. Stylish and decorative lights should perfectly complement your room space. If you have purchased small size lights for big dining or living room it will look disproportionate. Hence, the lights will not provide enough brightness in the room. On the other hand, if you have purchased large lights for a small size room the combination will look unbalanced. Hence, you should always measure the space of your room and according to it, select the lights.
Different Sources of Lights

People often make a mistake by using only one source of lights. This will make your room look flat. Combination of the different sources of lights will give a perfect illumination and enhance the aesthetic view of your house. Ambient, task and accent are the three sources of lights. Make sure when you go for the selection of the lights for your kitchen or living room you combine all these sources.
 Install Too Many Lights
It is a common mistake made by the people, which are installing too many lights in a small space. Doing this gives your room an uneven look and you feel uncomfortable and vice versa. Best idea is to carefully consider the space of your room and exactly how many lights you need.
Selecting Wrong lights for Bathrooms

We usually install ceilings lights for the bathroom which causes inconvenience when we are using the bathroom mirror for grooming purposes. It causes shadows and difficulties for you to concentrate while applying makeup. The best thing is to install task or scone lights around the bathroom mirror. This will give a perfect light on your face.
Lighting and Furniture

To avoid making these mistakes it is best to contact Lighting and Furniture. We have the most stylish, trendy and high-quality modern lighting. Our lights range from crystal chandeliers, Italian and modern lights. If you need a personal advice our skilled experts will guide you in this. They will make sure that you make the right selection of lights. You can order our products online and can also visit our shop for hand on experience. We have been in this industry for almost 20 years and know every need of our customers.

In addition, we offer reasonable prices on our products. You can easily afford to buy our products. If you have any queries ask our customer representatives. We offer the top quality products that you can ever get.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Buy Modern Italian Lighting in London - Lighting and Furniture

At the present time, Italian lighting in London has also entered the arena of interior designing. Previously, the lights were not considered important for decoration. Its purpose was just to illuminate the house. They were ordinary, artless, without any style. But the fashion has changed and now these Italian lights are offered in a different variety of designs and styles. These Italian lighting in London are available in hanging lights style, ceiling lights style, chandeliers and much more.

The Italian lighting in London can be used for various purposes like they can be used in office, hotels, and malls and in parties. They are made with extreme care and diligence. Our company delivers lights that are resilient and last longer. Our knowledgeable personnel gives importance to each and every detail and the designs of our lights are astonishing. The carvings on the lights metal frame are cautiously done and we continuously inspect our lights and we, under no circumstances keep defective products in our shops, we always give the best.
Craftsmen of Italian lighting
Our craftsmen are proficient and have great expertise in terms of manufacturing of the lights. We have an online website which has a complete range of products displayed. But if you want a personal shopping experience you can visit our shop as well. It is advisable to measure the size and dimensions of your room to make sure that you order the right amount of lights from us. We can guarantee you that once you buy our products you will be satisfied and will buy from us again and again.
Furthermore, we offer free delivery on all our orders and will take 50 days to deliver your product. We have always delivered our product to its location within the prescribed time. We can also design the lights according to your requirements, but for that, you need to make sure to give us the exact requirements. The prices we offer are reasonable and affordable. It ranges from the lowest to the highest. Due to this reason, every individual belonging to different strata of the society can avail our products. Our prices are economical and the best. If you have any queries related to our pricing policy or have doubt on the quality you can contact us. We will definitely answer all of your questions.
The prices we offer are reasonable and affordable. It ranges from the lowest to the highest. Due to this reason, every individual belonging to different strata of the society can avail our products. Our prices are economical and the best. If you have any queries related to our pricing policy or have doubt on the quality you can contact us. We will definitely answer all of your questions.
Lighting and Furniture have 20 years of experience in this industry and we have the profound knowledge about the latest trends and fashion in terms of lightning. Our products are up to date, meeting the standards of the latest trends. The elegance and sleek designs of our lights will definitely change the outlook of your house, hotel, mall or office. You will believe it when you will see it with your own eyes what our lights can do to your house outlook. So, what are you waiting for? Buy our products now and revoluntize your place.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Buy The Best Sofa and Chair at Affordable Prices - Lighting and Furniture

Do you have old furniture? Is your furniture getting worn or discolored? Or it has become uncomfortable? If yes, then it is the perfect time to get your furniture replaced. People usually do not change their furniture when it has gotten old. The main reason is that they usually do not have enough money to buy a new one. Lighting and Furniture is the shop that is known for having the best furniture in town. It is considered to be one of the best sofa and chair shop in London. But there are few things you need to consider when you buy sofas or chairs for your house.
Know What You Want

You should know what you want exactly, in which style, size and how much. The furniture should match your room style and theme. If you need advice we are here to help you. It is better to get a professional advice than buying the wrong style of furniture that will degrade your room outlook. We have experienced and skilled team who will help you in selecting the right furniture for you.

Budget You Have To Spend

Know how much budget you have to spend. This will help you in making the right choice. You can get furniture in different range of prices. The more you spend the better you will get. But in our shop you will get the best quality stylish furniture no matter what the price is.  We have wide variety available in sofa and chairs in terms of colors and styles. At our shop you will get the best furniture at the best price which you will hardly get anywhere else in London.
Measure Your Room Space

Before buying a sofa measure your room space. This is because if you have a small room and you bought a big size sofa cramming it into the space won’t do any good. You need some space to move around as well. Getting the right size is very important as you do not want your room to look stuffy as well. At Lightning and Furniture, sofa and chair shop, you will find every size of sofa that will best fit your room. You will also find our sofas made of different high quality materials as well. Visit our website and browse our variety of furniture available.
You should give careful consideration when you go out to buy furniture. It is an investment that will last you for years. Do not waste your money and buy the right furniture from our shop. If you want hands on buying experience you can visit our shop. Our manufacturers always carefully inspect every product for damages first and then deliver it to you. So from quality wise, you do not have to worry about a thing. 
So what are you waiting for? Visit our website or shop now and get the perfect furniture for your house. If you have any queries feel free to ask us. We are always here to help you. We have well-mannered and trained customer representatives. They will give you a quick response. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Bedroom furniture- exceptional and best

The bedroom is the most personal space you have in your house where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. So when you are renovating your house, make sure that you select the appropriate bedroom furniture that will enhance the curb appeal.  It is not an easy process because you do not know from where to begin.  If your furniture fails to match with your room design and theme then you are in trouble. Hence, end up wasting your time and money.

Select One theme
When furnishing your bedroom select one theme. Make a choice whether to have modern furniture or a classic one. Mixing both styles will cause a clash and create an unbalanced environment. Best is to get one style furniture and when you have decided which style to have, then go for shopping.
Be Creative
When designing your bedroom be creative as much as possible. Select modern bedroom furniture that will make your bedroom stand out. Mix and match different styles to make it look more appealing. Have fun and play with colors and designs of modern furniture and create something unique.
Comfortable Furniture
When buying the furniture make sure it is comfortable as well. Along with aesthetic appeal of the furniture, comfort is also important. If you buy most stylish furniture and are not comfortable then you will not feel satisfied. Hence, you will not get the pleasure you want after tiring day at work.
This is one of the major concerns of every individual. Calculate the budget that you have to spend. This will help you in deciding which price range of furniture you can afford to buy. Selecting a furniture and not have the money to pay for it is hurtful and embarrassing. Do not make such a mistake.
With the years of experience, Lighting and Furniture, possess the best furniture both in style and quality. You will get everything from our shop. It is a one stop shop for bedroom furniture. Our talented designers can also help you in choosing the right type of furniture. They have a profound knowledge in interior designing. We know what your needs are and how to fulfill them.

In addition, we offer fair prices on our furniture. You will get the best furniture at best prices, which you will hardly get anywhere else. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction. You can trust us on this. So do not wait and browse our wide range of products on our website. Hence, enhance your house appearance with our appealing products.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Crystal Chandeliers - Awe-struck, Beautiful and Charming

Crystal chandeliers are unique and totally different in style and form from other types of lights. They were in use for centuries and were the main component of any royal house. The designs were appealing. Also, the crystals used, give it a stunning look. The royal house looks incomplete without it and even now its importance and demand have not diminished. These crystal chandeliers are the demand of every house and are available in different colors and styles as well.
Beautiful Chandeliers Features
Lighting and furniture give you the best-handcrafted chandeliers. Our crystal chandeliers are made with precision. Also, the crystals are cut perfectly to give it an impeccable and smooth look. The shine of our chandeliers can turn the dullness of your room into liveliness or you can say the hollowness into fullness. The crystals in the chandeliers are also available in different colors. The size of the chandeliers also varies depending on what you want and for which size room.

Just like you think before buying any other lights, you should also give consideration as to what type, style, and size of the chandelier you want. Big chandelier for the small size room will brighten up your room too much and will make it uncomfortable for your eyes and small chandelier for the big room will give no effect. Chandeliers can upgrade or demean the look of your room, it depends on the size.
The prices of the chandelier are incredible as the chandeliers itself. The quality of the chandeliers and the reasonable price that we offer is just as a complete package that you should never reject.
Our prices are fair and just and do not have any hidden charges. We also provide a free quotation to our customers if they request it. We never hide anything from our customers and everything is in front of you and clear. Also, we have never compromised on quality so our customers can rely and trust us on this. Our record shows that we have never broken any of our customer's trust.
We have professional experts that can guide you in buying the right type of chandelier for your house. We also have sample designs to show it to you. Basically, we have chandeliers for each type of the room like the dining room, living room, and the house lobbies. We have designed it keeping in mind each room specifications.
Feel free to call us when you need our products. We are here for you and our customer representatives will give you a quick response. We pride in our quality products and give a quick delivery service. Have any queries ask us and we will be glad to answer them. Do not wait and get benefit from our quality products and prices. We offer the best to our valuable customers and nothing less. You can also contact us through our phone number or email address available on our website.

Friday, 8 September 2017

The Best and Affordable Dining Table in the UK

When we renovate or decorate our existing or new house we give a lot of importance and consideration to the sofa furniture, bedroom furniture, and bathroom accessories. Hence, we forget and neglect to give attention to the dining tables. We usually focus on having a meal no matter what type of table we will get. This is a wrong perception. A comfortable and elegantly designed dining table will uplift the curb appeal of your house. It will also give a first good impression to your guests. These dining tables are available in a variety of styles and designs.

Styles and designs in tables

1.   Rectangle
If you have a big and long room than the rectangle shape table will be best to buy. This table has a capacity for 6 people sitting, 2 sitting on the longer side and one on the head side.
2.   Oval
This type of table is similar to the rectangle one but has softer and smooth edges. The length is similar to the rectangle one.
3.   Circle
This table is best for the small and limited area. It can easily fit into your small area not making it too much congested and it can accommodate many people because of its roundness.
4.   Square
This style of table is suitable for those rooms that are square in shape and will be the best option for this type of space area.

So before buying a dining table think about the size of your room and accordingly purchase it. But style is not the only option that you should consider for buying of the tables. Material and color also come into consideration. You need a table made solidly out of the wood or you need it in the form of solid hard glass. All of the above-mentioned points should be taken into consideration before you do anything.
The place from where you can buy the high-quality tables in different styles and designs is from the Lightning and Furniture. You will find elegant, beautiful and aesthetic designed tables here. Our manufacturers while designing tables give keen importance to the details so that there are no rough edges left behind. These manufacturers also check twice before sending out the delivery to its customer.
You can either buy their products from their online website or can visit their shop personally if you want to have hands-on experience.  They also provide you with you with the matching side tables and coffee tables. We have a complete range of tables available apart from the dining ones.

If you have any queries you can always call us and our customer representatives will be glad to answer all of your questions.  We provide free deliveries on all of our orders and always deliver it within the timeframe. Do buy from us and we guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed in us.